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Kern County Heroes is a local Bakersfield business that helps our heroes find their next home at substantial savings. We partner with Kern Real Estate specialists in each part of the process who want to help. We offer exceptional real estate discounts for Military veterans, First Responders, Teachers, Medical Staff, Oilfield Workers, and Agriculture workers. Let us help get you into your next home for less!

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Don’t waste money on mortgage loans, escrow fees, agent fees or any other part of the home buying process. Call Jason Rodriguez with Kern County Heroes and let him and his team help save you thousands on your next sell or purchase!

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The Kern County Heroes program is a home-buying and selling assistance program that is specifically designed to help military veterans, first responders, law enforcement, medical field workers, teachers, and city and county workers. The program is founded by an Air Force veteran named Jason Rodriguez, who understands the unique challenges that these heroes may face when it comes to buying or selling a home.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to work with Kern County Heroes, and become a homeowner today!

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We’ll take care of your closing costs, home warranty repairs, or other eligible expenses as needed. You deserve peace-of-mind when buying a new house!

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When you’re a Kern County Hero, we want to give your home the attention it deserves. For our qualified sellers who sign up for this benefit and agree that these services will save them thousands at closing time .


Kern County Heroes vows to save you thousands of dollars throughout the home purchase process. This puts more money in your pocket for moving expenses, new furniture, and future savings. Benefits provided for those who most deserve it!

First Time Home Buyers Seminar

Are you a first time home buyer? We will be having seminars covering everything from Credit repair, Credit Check, Qualification, and mortgage questions. If have questions and missed out on our First Time Home Buyers Seminar don’t hesitate to give us a call so that we can help you throughout the home buying process as well as answer any questions you may have. Our Team of experts are here to help you every step of the way!

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Kern County is known for its blue-collar work ethic. Our communities always stand out because of the hard-working men and women that live and work here. We as residents of Bakersfield and the surrounding cities know how important the Oil and Agriculture industry is to our local economy.

Kern County provides 70% of the oil that is produced in California, and 90% of the natural gas for our state. We keep California running!

We also feed California. Kern County is one of the top producing agriculture counties in the state and in the country. Producing a large selection of crops and nuts we need to feed our country.

All this is only possible with the hard work put forth by our local work force.


Kern County Heroes is Veteran owned. We know the importance of taking care of our military family. Home ownership is very obtainable for those who have served or are currently enlisted. We partner with lenders that have a heart for our military members and offer benefits other lenders don’t. This will save you thousands of dollars at the closing table and through the purchase process. Let us put your VA benefits to use.


The current situation in our country has offered challenges for all, but none more than our first responders. Those that everyday exemplify service before self. Long hours and days that are full of sacrifice describe the life of those that put on a uniform each day to protect our neighborhoods and keep our families healthy. We honor and appreciate you. You deserve a beautiful home for you and your family. Somewhere to unwind and spend time with those you love the most.


We trust you with the most important thing we have in this life, our children. To be that second role model in a child’s life usually falls on the teachers of our community. In a career where you make the most you can with what you have, our teachers face challenges most people don’t realize. We appreciate you and the heart you have for the children of Kern County. Thank you. Kern County Heroes was created with heroes like you in mind.


Kern County is a great place to live, and a big part of that is thanks to the hard work of our City and County workers. From the police officers who keep us safe to the sanitation workers who keep our streets clean, these are the people who make Kern County a great place to live. The Kern County Heroes home buying program is designed to recognize and celebrate the hard work of our City and County workers in finding or selling a home. If you’re looking to sell your home in Kern County, we would be honored to help you through the Kern County Heroes Program. We know how important it is to give back to those who make Kern County such a great place to live, and we are committed to making sure that our City and County workers receive the recognition they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you through the Kern County Heroes Program.

Recent Heroes

Making Heroes Homeowners

Mike G. – Local Business Owner

Jason is the best in the whole valley! I have worked with him in past few years and he has helped me list my properties and sell them. He also made it happen for me to buy my house. Very friendly, and patient and knows what move he needs to make to get the deal done!!!! You won’t be disappointed working with him.

Daniel & Suzanne G. – Medical Field

Jason was great to work with. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and flexible when it came to scheduling showings. He was also great with updating our house listings that fit what we were looking for. And he was persistent in finding us a house despite our pickiness. I highly recommend Jason to anyone who needs assistance finding their ideal home.

Janet G- Teacher

I highly recommend Jason Rodriguez. I was dreading selling and buying a house, but Jason is very professional and considerate . He made the process of buying a house simple and easy!!

Eric R. – Retired Veteran

My wife and I interviewed several realtors to sell my mother’s house in Bakersfield. Jason stood out and seemed genuinely excited to sell the home and laid out a strategy for the sale. He followed through on every promise and after 5 days on the market brought 6 viable offers to the table.

Bre S. - Insurance

Sold our house in 4 days! Jason was professional and efficient. We had an amazing experience selling our house and made the process very easy. He communicated constantly and explained things that we did not fully understand. I was really happy with the whole process!

Lili & Paul G. – AF Veteran

Jason is the real deal. We told him what we wanted and where we wanted it and he came back fast with houses for us to look at. I will be recommending to family and friends without a doubt.

Christina & Sal S. - Agriculture

Jason is amazing! He was always prompt and guided us in the right direction for buying our home. For every home, we went to he told us what to look for such as the layout, the roof, and the neighborhood. Jason is awesome at what he does. I would definitely refer him to all my family and friends.